Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Mario Birthday Party!

Well I have been home sick for a few days and today I finally have the energy to sit up and eat something. So to starve off the boredom I started looking at some awesome sites, one dedicated solely to partys. is an absolutely mind blowing website. I spent a good hour looking back through all the posts and my mind is spinning with ideas and possibilities for my daughters 3rd birthday... just for starters, LOL.
Anyway my sons last birthday was his 6th and for a theme we decided on Super Mario. At first I wasn't so sure I could pull it off but once I started thinking about it, it became quite hard to stop! So this blog is dedicated to my Son's Mario Party!!

Colourful Vanilla Cupcakes with homemade Mario flags and cupcake stand!

Followed by homemade Mushroom cake pops!

And homemade iced yellow stars...

Now a picture of the food... mostly American/Italian style foods like pizzas, mini hotdogs, cheezles and gold coins to suit the Mario theme!

Then the games comprised of good ole fashioned games such as ....
Yoshi's Apple Bobbing!

And a homemade "Pin the Nose" on Mario... (amazing what you can do with a A3 printer and some basic computer knowledge!)

Of course we can't forget the cute pin the nose on the kids Photos...

This turned into quite a good game on it's own!!
And finally the send off is not complete without the very cool Mario Thank you bags!!!

We really had such a great day and perhaps I set the bar a little too high in terms of future parties, but I just love a decent birthday bash. It is something my mother passed onto both my Sister and I... the knack of throwing a party with all the bells and whistles and a great cake to boot!

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this edition to my blog and perhaps have even been inspired!

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