Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marshmallow topped Caramel Slice

For Mothers Day today I recieved a revised edition of my favourite cook book "Day to Day Cookery" from my husband and kids. I have always loved this book and the new edition was definately not a let down. After an extensive session of pouring thru the pages I decided to try the marshmallow caramel slice. Due to copyright I am unable to actually share the recipe on this blog. I was just so proud of the results I had to show some pictures.
The base is a combination of flours, brown sugar, coconut and melted butter. This is then baked. Instead of using the caramel recipe provided I just used a can of nestles caramel top n fill. I did however make the marshmallow from scratch.
It was quite simply 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and a tablespoon of gelatine mixed together over a low temp at a light simmer for 5 mins.
I then poured it into a bowl to cool before beating it for about 8 mins until thick and fluffy.

At this point you just need to spread it onto the biscuit with caramel layer base. I sprinkled the marshmallow with choc sprinkles but you could use coconut instead. Place in the fridge until cooled and set. 
And lastly make sure that your little helper (if you have one) gets an oppourtunity to lick the beater!

It is after all the essence of good times in a childs world!

 The result is a delicious slice with a light fluffy marshmallow topping. Just perfect for a sweet tooth.
Happy Mother's day to all you beautiful Mothers out there. Hope your day was as full of joy as mine has been.


dotdot. said...

Looks so yummy and so does your little helper :)
Hope you had a really lovely Mother's Day.

dotdot. said...

Looks so yummy and so does your little helper. Have a beautiful Mother's Day and I can't wait to see more tempting foods on your blog.

Counting My Blessings said...

mm, I've been wanting to make marshmallow for awhile now. This recipe looks like a good reason to try!